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Doing Things Differently

What would it be like to practice your highest ideals and values at work?


      Second Edition
  The Seven Arts of Change
eBooks Now Available!Living With the Wind At Your Back and
The Seven Arts of Change
are now available as eBooks via Amazon Kindle.

Easy to carry them with you - weightless

Soon from Apple iBooks, mid-August.
Free Evernote Workbook

The free Evernote Workbook is a set of Evernote files that one can use to review, contemplate and journal the exercises from each chapter of Living With the Wind at Your Back.
Info here.


Dr. David Shaner will be the Saturday Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Rotary Institute event, Oct 26 - 29, Waikoloa Village Resort, Hawaii. more...

APQC Dr. David Shaner
Dr. David Shaner delivered a keynote at the APQC Process Conference, October 2014 in Houston, TX.
Transformational Change - Making it Last.

APQC interview with David Shaner... And Part two...

The Golden Rule, a White Paper by David Shaner.


Living With The Wind At Your Back

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