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Doing Things Differently

What would it be like to practice your highest ideals and values at work?


      Second Edition
  The Seven Arts of Change

Dr. David Shaner delivered a keynote at the APQC Process Conference, in Houston, TX.
Transformational Change - Making it Last.

APQC interview with David Shaner... And Part two...

The Golden Rule, a White Paper by David Shaner.


Dr. Shaner will deliver a keynote to the Rotary Institure in Houston, Sept., 15th, 2017.  More on this later...

He delivered a keynote at the Rotary Institute event in Waikoloa, Hawaii in 2016. The Institute program focused upon Connecting for Good - why people connect with Rotary and how a “life of service” helps personal and professional growth and development.

More on the process.


Living With The Wind At Your Back

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