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March 2014
Dr. Shaner served as "Special Advisor" for the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) most recent best practice and research study "Transformational Change - Making it Last".

May 2013
Aikido Journal features Shaner Sensei's TEDx video. -link-

Jan 2013
Dr. David Shaner will be presenting at TEDx on Friday, March 22, 2013. More news coming as details are revealed.

Sept 2012
Symposium centers on applying spirituality.

May 2012
Why do change initiatives flop far more often than they fly?

June 2011
CIO - Book Club
Change of Habit

Combining Western business savvy with Eastern philosophy, David Shaner’s book makes a compelling argument that organizational change does not have to come at the cost of an individual’s personal spiritual development. His mantra for successful and sustainable change is to take it beyond the superficial and root it deep within the talent that organizations are a pool of. -link-

Feb 2011
Industry Week - Connecting Manufacturing's Leaders
Six Questions for Company Transformation

Looking to change your organization? Answer these questions first. An article by David Shaner, founder, Shaner & Associates Inc. and author of The Seven Arts of Change. -link-


Jan 13, 2011
CLO Media
Learning to Unlearn

"David Shaner, author of The Seven Arts of Change, said learning leaders need to understand where a learner is coming from before trying to change his or her old beliefs and habits." -link-

Aug 2011
World Affairs Council
Film Viewing & Panel Discussion - The Asian & Abrahamic Religions: A Divine Encounter in America

Dr. Shaner speaks on a panel regarding cross-cultural issues in religion. -link-


Dec 8, 2010
Business Exchange
Book Recommendation

"The Seven Arts Of Change" is a must-read for leaders who want to drive a business transformation that lasts." This popular business site picked up the Eric Jabobson review. -link-

Dec 3, 2010
Smart Steps to Launch a Pay-For-Performance Program

"To get the most from your staff, create a pay-for-performance program based on measurable indices," said David Shaner, principal of Connect, a consulting firm in Greenville, S.C. "Set stretch goals that everyone can attain, and give performance-based bonuses if they succeed."

February, 2011
Ahead of the Curve
Questions you need to answer before trying to change your organization

An article by David Shaner -link-

Aug 2011
Let's Talk About Books
The Seven Arts of Change - A Review


Nov 24, 2010
Japan Inc.
How to Master the Deadly Art of Change

A leading magazine and website for western business in Japan picked up the article on David Shaner's The Seven Arts of Change. -link-

Oct 31, 2010
The Japan HR Society:
How to Master the Deadly Art of Change

A longer article based on an interview with David Shaner regarding the Seven Arts: "Think of it as a Zen approach to business transformation. Only this time, the organization is no longer the focus. Shaner, who holds the Herring Professor of Asian Studies and Philosophy chair at Furman University, says change must first take place in individuals if an organization is to see lasting transformation that leads to profitability and sustainability." -link-

Nov 9, 2010
Smart Lemming - Business Site
12 New Leadership Books

"Looking for new business books on leadership? Below are the latest book releases on Amazon with their respective product descriptions." See the reference to The Seven Arts of Change at number 7. -link-

Oct 19, 2010
Human Resource Executive
The Selfless and the Despised

"You might think employees who are consistently willing to go the extra mile and help others serve as an inspiration to their co-workers. You'd be wrong." The Seven Arts of Change in mentioned in the last three paragraphs. -link- (click past the ad)

Nov 2010
CIO Insight
Fall Reading List

"Are you having difficulty dodging the political (and personal) "landmines" that exist in every corporate culture? Are you a CIO who must manage a scattered mobile IT team? If so, our baker's dozen fall 2010 reading list can help. A number of books from highly respected authors ..." David Shaner's The Seven Arts of Change is number 11. -link-

Dec 2010
The Coaching Commons
Holistic and Spiritual Business Coaching

The writer mentions The Seven Arts of Change toward the end of this column. -link-


Feb 2011
Voice of America
David Shaner: The Seven Arts of Change

Featuring his interview with Simran Singh.

Dec 15, 2010
Upstate Biz SC
Furman Professor Publishes New Book on Changing Corporate Culture

"Shaner’s book combines lessons drawn from his four decades of Aikido and a 30-year consulting career. He merges Eastern philosophy with Western business practice to examine the arts of preparation, relaxation, and compassion. The Seven Arts of Change demonstrates how individual adjustments from the CEO down can transform a company and change corporate culture in new and unconventional ways. " -link-
July 2011
Italian Aikido Network


For those who can read Italian... A book reviewand recommendation. -link-


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May 2013
David Shaner: TEDx Talk Greenville - Unstuck

"Improve your performance in business, education, government, athletics, music, and daily life." video.
May 2013
Russian Ki Aikido Annual Seminar

David Shaner Sensei Travels to St. Petersberg to lead a 5 day seminar on Tohei Sensei's advanced Ki Aikido teaching methods and practices. Full Poster.

March 2013
TEDx Greenville: By Design

Dr. David Shaner presenting at the TEDx event in Greenville SC. The video from this event will be available in a few weeks.

Jan 2013
World Affairs Today - Panel Discussion:
Asian & Abrahamic Religions

(David Shaner section begins at 26:55.)

May 2012
Russian Ki Aikido Seminar & Book Release
Jan 2012
Feature article on David Shaner and the Seven Arts of Change

"A leader might be right about everything—the need to change, the reasons for change, and the timing of change. He might be extremely convincing in his pep talk. But if the leader doesn’t understand where change begins, change won’t happen, no matter how urgent it is." -link-
Oct 2011
Professor David Shaner to appear in public television documentary Sunday, Oct. 23
David Shaner, Herring Professor of Asian Studies and Philosophy, is among the experts interviewed for the public television documentary, “The Asian & Abrahamic Religions: A Divine Encounter in America.”

The documentary explores the beliefs, practices and rituals of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, and Shaner explains how the martial arts are linked to the underlying principles of the Buddhist philosophy. -link-

Oct 2011
This documentary explores the beliefs, practices and rituals of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. Examining the similarities & differences with the Abrahamic religions. And showing how Asian religions are an integral part of American society.

Dr. Shaner is interviewed on aikido as personal development practice. -view video- & -link to documentary page-

View the Documentary Trailer: -link-

July 2011
The HR Agenda magazine premiere issue.
Mastering the Deadly Art of Change

July 2011
Book Review: Seven Arts of Change.
RedGage -link-
Review -link-

April 2011
David Shaner on the 7 Arts of Change
David Shaner took all he learned from being an Olympic downhill skier, a black belt Ki-Akido expert and a change management consultant and created the most innovated, evolved system for bringing everyone in your organization to a higher level of personal growth while simultaneously kicking booty in business fundamentals through times of change.

April 2011
Susan Bratton of Interviews David Shaner on
The Seven Arts of Change.
A wide ranging conversation from Ski Racing, to Ki-Aikido, to Japanese Philosophy, to Sociobiology, to Mahatma Gandhi, to the 80's quality revolution, to "Leading Business Transformation that Lasts"
Listen here. Or visit her web page here.

Jan 2011
A brief radio interview with David Shaner on The Seven Arts of Change. By the Business For Breakfast show carried on the Radio Colorado Network. Visuals added post broadcast.

Feb 2011
Bringing Back the US Economy: A Common Sense Approach
Podcast interview of David Shaner with Doug Mitchell and Mike Wagner. Listen here. Or visit their web page here.

Jan 2011
Audio Interview by
Simran Singh on 1111TalkRadio.com


Feb 2011
Reality Check: The Business of Change
KLPW Talk Radio                     Listen

Dec 7, 2010
Examiner.com Kansas City
New Book Explains How To Lead Business Transformation

"Shaner is an organizational change expert who encourages managers to ask themselves questions about their businesses from top to bottom, therefore laying the critical foundation for a successful transformation. In the book, he combines Western business savvy with Eastern philosophy, and outlines the necessary steps that must be taken in order to achieve successful change in business." -link-

Dec 7, 2010
The American Society for Training & Development
Book Review

"The author—a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, a philosophy professor, and martial arts master—argues that sustained organizational change requires employees who are committed to and see the benefit of changing personally as well." -link-

Nov 29, 2010
Eric Jabobson on Management and Leadership
Read The Seven Arts of Change

David Shaner's compelling, The Seven Arts of Change, shows business leaders that transforming a business only happens when each employee equates organizational change with the process of deep personal growth.The book came out earlier this month. It's joined my Top 10 leadership books list. -link-

Nov 13, 2010
Barnes & Noble Events
David Shaner - Author Event

Booksigning and talk by David Shaner. -link-

June 14, 2010
Publishers Weekly
Back To Business

"Finally turning the page on 2009, publishers of business management books are feeling optimistic, focusing their energy on topics that suggest the worst just may be behind us, and on books that speak of rebuilding, reinvesting, reconsidering, and reinvigorating." David Shaner's The Seven Arts of Change in mentioned in paragraph 7. -link-

Nov 2010
Aikido Jouranl Online
New Book by Ki Aikido Sensei

"Combining lessons drawn from four decades of Aikido with knowledge gleaned from his 30-year consulting career, Shaner merges Eastern philosophy with Western business savvy to present his Seven Arts of Change, showing how individual adjustments from CEO down can transform a company". -link-

Dec 2010
Furman University
Philosophy Professor David Shaner Publishes New Book on Changing Corporate Culture

A Press Release: "GREENVILLE, S.C.—Furman University professor David E. Shaner has written a new book that explains how combining Eastern philosophy with Western business savvy can foster real and lasting organizational change." -link-