Living With The Wind at Your Back & The Seven Arts of Change
Evernote Workbook

While reading the books illustrate a proven process to bring about positive change in your life, actually practicing the exercises (suggested at the conclusion of each chapter) anchors your ability to put the lessons to work. By practicing the daily exercises and recording your experiences in your Evernote Workbook, your life can truly be transformed by your own design.

Using the workbook as a personal development tool makes the Seven Arts change process and exercises come alive! With the aid of the workbook, the Seven Arts exercises become woven into the fabric of our daily life. As Dr. Shaner says, you will learn that “Your Life Truly is Your Monastery”. The Evernote Workbook enables you to use your daily life experience (at home, at work, and at play) as a whetstone thus sharpening your focus for positive personal change.

The Living With the Wind at Your Back: Evernote Workbook is a set of Evernote files that one can use to review, contemplate and journal through the exercises.

Evernote is a free application and service (or paid premium membership) that one can install on most all devices and use to read, clip, collect and journal within. Once you have signed up, your future notes will be synced and thereby the same on all devices. Simply open the Living With the Wind at Your Back: Evernote Workbook files and begin.

Wherever you are, whenever there's a few open minutes, you can be practicing the Seven Arts to transform your life for the better. How cool is this!

How To Get Going With The Workbook

  To make things smooth, First install Evernote into your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
To get Evernote, or to get a little help using Evernote, (it is really easy):
    Set up your (free) Basic level of subscription, make a note of your username and password.
Once this is done proceed to the download of the workbook...
  Download the set of Evernote files: Living With the Wind at Your Back - Evernote Workbook.     

Depending on how your system is configured, the zipped archive of Evernote files will arrive in your Downloads folder (or whatever preferred location you have set up). Then open the zipped archive (usually 2x-click). Then open the "Wind-EvernoteWorkbook.enex" file in the Evernote application. Voila! You are ready to go. 

Everywhere it says, "Notes here..." is a place for you to journal about this exercise. Please refer to the actual book: Living With the Wind at Your Back for the complete exercise instructions.

    The print books are available here: Ordering Books
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