David Shaner is the founding editor of the Philosophy and Biology Book Series (37 volumes) with the State University of New York Press. The series is focused on understanding the biological basis of productive learning behavior.  

Michael Ruse
The Philosophy of Biology Today
1988, 155 pgs.


David L. Hull
The Metaphysics of Evolution
1989, 331 pgs.



Kai Hahlweg & C.A. Hooker, eds.
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology
1989, 605 pgs.


Paul Thompson
The Structure of Biological Theories
1989, 148 pgs.



Roger T. Ames & J. Baird Callicott, eds.
Nature in the Asian Traditions of Thought: Essays in Environmental Philosophy
1989, 335 pgs.


J. Baird Callicott
In Defense of the Land Ethic
1989, 325 pgs.



Frank Wuketits
Evolutionary Epistemology and Its Implications for Humankind
1990, 262 pgs.
(Translated into Japanese, 1994, by Scott Meredith, Literary Agency, Inc. [New York] through Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc. [Tokyo].)


Mary Maxwell
The Sociobiological Imagination
1991, 376 pgs.



Eugene C. Hargrove
Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate: A Critical Overview
1992, 273 pgs.


M.H. Nitecki
History and Evolution
1992, 269 pgs.



H. Holcomb
Sociobiology, Sex, and Science
1993, 448 pgs.


Aharon Kantorovich
Scientific Discovery: Logic and Tinkering
1993, 281 pgs.



M.H. Nitecki and Doris V. Nitecki
Evolutionary Ethics
1993, 368 pgs.


W.J. Van Der Steen
A Practical Philosophy for the Life Sciences
1993, 208 pgs.



Zhang Boshu
Marxism and Human Sociobiology
1994, 189 pgs.


Michael Bradie
The Secret Chain: Evolution and Ethics
1995, 198 pgs.



Paul Thompson
Issues in Evolutionary Ethics
1995, 402 pgs.


C.A. Hooker
Reason, Regulation and Realism: Towards a Regulatory Systems Biology of Reason
1995, 432 pgs.



Valerie Gray Hardcastle
How to Build a Theory in Cognitive Science
1996, 249 pgs.


Robert Mitchell
Anthropomorphism, Anecdotes, and Animals
1996, 518 pgs.



Michael Ghiselin
Metaphysics and the Origin of Species
1997, 377 pgs.


James Reeve Pusey
Lu Xun and Evolution
1998, 249 pgs.



Larry Arnhart
Darwinian Natural Right: The Biological Ethics of Human Nature
1998, 332 pgs.


Diane B. Paul
The Politics of Heredity: Essays on Eugenics, Biomedicine, and the Nature-Nurture Debate
1998, 219 pgs.



Bruce N. Waller
The Natural Selection of Autonomy
1998, 193 pgs.


Cor van der Weele
Images of Development: Environmental Causes in Ontogeny
1999, 182 pgs.



J. Baird Callicott
Beyond the Land Ethic
1999, 427 pgs.


Peter D. Hershock
Reinventing The Wheel: A Buddhist Reponse to the Information Age
1999, 309 pgs.



David J. Buller
Function, Selection and Design
1999, 325 pgs.


Loyal Rue
Everybody’s Story: Wising Up to the Epic of Evolution
2000, 146 pgs.



Del Ratzsch
Nature, Design and Science
2001, 220 pgs.


David L. Hull and Cecilia Heyes
Selection Theory and Social Construction: The Evolutionary Naturalistic Epistemology of Donald T. Campbell
2001, 198 pgs.



Linda Wiener and Ramsey Eric Ramsey
Leaving Us to Wonder: An Essay on the Questions Science Can’t Ask
2005, 163 pgs.


David N. Stamos
Darwin and the Nature of Species
2006, 273 pgs.



Stanley Shostak
The Evolution of Death
2006, 246 pgs.


Jerome A. Popp
Evolution’s First Philosopher: John Dewey and the Continuity of Nature
2007, 155 pgs.



Sean D. Sutton, ed.
Biotechnology: Our Future As Human Beings and Citizens
2009, 198 pgs.


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