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  Pre-Phase: One Day Overview       
  A one day meeting with Dr. Shaner, where you will be able to determine if entering a formal Assessment Process (Phase I below) can generate a jointly developed blueprint for addressing your performance development needs. See An Invitation.  
  Phase I: Business Readiness Assessment     (3 months)  

The first phase is designed to ensure long-term success at the lowest possible cost. At the conclusion of a three-month partnership development learning period, we create an initial “stage gate review”. The deliverable of this phase is a jointly written Organizational Development Strategic Plan that will enable your employees to execute the new strategy, new operations processes and new performance objectives.

The partnership learning period enables CONNECT LLC to understand your company’s overall condition/culture framed against the new business strategy and performance expectations. The analysis includes understanding the new financial structure and business strategy as well as new earnings, revenue, cost reduction, and process improvement targets. CONNECT LLC will also conduct one-on-one confidential interviews with all senior executives and a cross-section of employees representing all functions and levels of leadership responsibility. The interview process helps CONNECT to understand your company’s “readiness” to execute its new objectives. The jointly written Organizational Development Plan will articulate specific deliverables and a process for cultural change and performance improvement that is:

  1. Linked to key business metrics, and
  2. Necessary to align all employees with the new business strategy, new operations processes, and new performance expectations.
  Execution Follow-Through Process     (12 fiscal quarters)  
  Phase II:    Employee Ownership Process; Key Business Development Metrics
Phase III:   Feedback: “Prioritized and Sequenced” Training and Business Development
Phase IV:  Tracking Mechanisms: Follow-Through Training and Accountabilities
Phase V:   Repeat to Deliver Further Gains
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