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Seven Arts to Positively Transform Your Life

"Is there a way to heal the modern heart and mind, a path that leads to interconnection, shared values, and the integration of the person? Can we learn to act as harmonious body-minds, seeking to create a better social and natural environment? This book charts a pathway through such difficulties. Professor David Shaner describes how to remain centered and focused; he edges the reader closer and closer to a life of joy, fulfillment, growth and social contribution. This is an important book for our times, for it seeks to help you connect with something larger than yourself."

Robert E. Carter
Professor Emeritus, Trent University
Author of Encounter with Enlightenment, The Nothingness Beyond God, Beyond Bamboo, Dimensions of Moral Education, and The Japanese Arts and Self-Cultivation.



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  Seven Arts Exercise Chart
Download this PDF file of a large chart displaying the details of the 14 exercises described in the book.  Optionally get this printed at 13x19 or larger. 

  Seven Arts Exercise Cards
Another PDF for download. This is a set of cards, 6x10, that detail each of the 14 exercises.

  Free Evernote Workbook
This is a set of Evernote files that one can use to review, contemplate and journal the 14 exercises from each chapter of Living With the Wind at Your Back. 

  Seven Arts Exercise Cards for Managing Pain & Exercises
This is a set of cards, 6x10, that detail each of the 14 exercises for managing pain.


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