One of the most dynamic and efficient ways to actively engage the Seven Arts process is to host Dr. David Shaner as a speaker for your organization's event. 

Dr. Shaner is a frequent speaker in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and Russia. He has appeared on National Public Television, CNN, and NBC as a commentator upon U.S./Japan cultural and business relations.

Seven Arts Sample Topics
  Changing the Way We Work: Understanding the Biological Basis of Behavior and its Importance for Effectively Leading Transformational Change
  Being the Best You Can Be: Applying the Lessons of World-Class Athletics to World-Class Business Performance
  So you want to change the culture and dramatically improve performance?
The Six Key Questions...
  Experiencing Peak Performance in your Profession
  80% of the time businesses fail to effectively lead change:
Why? What are the 20% doing right?
The Seven Arts Sample Topics for Personal Development
  Learning How to Prepare: Be Confident in Everything You Do
  Confidence and Conflict Resolution: Know Thyself
  Getting Unstuck: Experiencing Peak Performance for World-Class Competitors in Athletics, Music, and the Arts
  Setting the Stage for World-Class Performance through Confidence
  Experiencing Peak Performance for Yourself
  Overcoming Addiction through the Seven Arts Change Process
  Getting Unstuck 2: Coaching for Life Coaches
Seven Arts Sample Categories for Business Development:
Special Topics Customized for Each Engagement
  Transformational Change Management
  Business Development
  Strategy Development
  Human Resource Performance Management
  Mergers and Acquisitions Integration
  Supplier Partnerships
  Leadership Training and Development
  Developing High Potentials
  Resolving Conflict
  Operations Integration: One Plant Multiple Locations
Business & Media Contacts
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