We recognize that time is money. You want to obtain a solid understanding of our successful strategies with minimal investment to start.  
  Our two step stage-gate process (one-day overview with Dr. Shaner followed by a formal Phase I Assessment) enables you to make key decisions about transformational change in a timely and cost effective manner.  
  After a one-day meeting designed to share your performance development needs personally with Dr. Shaner, you will be able to determine if entering a formal Phase I Assessment Process (three to four months of investigation and on-site interviews) can generate a jointly developed blueprint for organizational development, performance improvement, and sustained transformational change.  
  Only after all this pre-work (Art of Preparation) should your organization enter fully into transformational change process.  
  With the assessment in hand, your leadership will understand what investments in people development and process improvement are needed to deliver dramatic improvement in financial performance.  
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